Automatic Smart Sensor Hand Sterilizer Touchless IR Induction Dispenser

Automatic Dispenser Hand Sterilizer
Smart Sensor Hand Sterilizer
Touchless IR Induction
+ FREE 60ml Hand Sanitizer

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Automatic Smart Sensor Hand Sterilizer Dispenser
Smart induction disinfection spray with Non-Contact IR infrared technology.
The automatic Hand Sterilizer Dispenser is suitable for homes, offices, restaurants, schools, hotels, shopping malls, factories and other public places.
Up to One Week of use on one charge.
Can be used while charging.
1. Take out the equipment and press both sides of the bottom shell to take down.
2. Screw out the container bottle counterclockwise, take out the sponge stick then fill with alcohol or other disinfectant solution 75% alcohol With the volume of 4/5. Let it stand for 2 minutes before use to make sure that the sponge fully absorbs the liquid.
PLEASE NOTE: It must be a water aqua or it will not atomize.
3. Put the sponge stick back and tighten the container, put on the bottom shell.
4. Press the ON/OFF button (blue light long on). Product in operation status.
5. Place your hand or item 0-12cm above the spray hole, the spray begins. Dynamic short time spray. Spray all over your hands with short time to Save Energy.
6. Press twice to shut down the product. Turning Off automatically when not in use for over 24 hours.
Nanometer Atomization
IR Infrared Smart Sensor
Non-Contact Function
Small and Portable
Intelligent Chips
Widely Used
Save Energy
USB Type-C
Nano Fog
Working Voltage: 5V
Capacity: 1800mAh
Sensor Distance: 0-12cm
Material: PC+ABS
Product Size: 77x55x91
Working Current: 500mA
Weight: 150g
Liquid Volume: 45ML
Bottle Material: PET
This Product is Nanometer Spray (nanocomposites grade microporous)
Do Not put oily liquid to prevent plugging.
When you spray alcohol spray or filling up container, please Do Not smoke or fire up.
Take good care of the children to ensure that they do not play with the product as a toy, so as to avoid unnecessary accidents.
In Box:
1. Intelligent Sensor Hand Sprayer Dispenser – x1
2. USB to Type-C Charging Cable 1 meter long – x1
3. Detailed User Manual EN – x1
4. One Extra Spring – x1
5. One Extra Sponge Stick


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